Internally Yours

Internally Yours, R Gallery
​March 2016 CAM show

One room of the home-style gallery is installed with rug, chair, and table at center. The walls each have a small piece. The closet contained a site specific piece “Internally Yours” installed by lining the walls of the closet with panels. Just large enough for one person to stand within. Spritz the lavender for full effect. Photography by Jenelle Esparza.

Picture Window (Curtain)

In an Expanded Field, UTSA Grounds
March 2015

Shop Window Chandelier

Performed by Justin Korver and Alyssa Danna, Highwire Arts Complex
April 2014


Highwire Arts Complex
April 2014

Projection of animals that lure or swarm with intermittent moments where the projection fades to black
so that points glow in the darkness. Installation fit 17′ x 14′ wall, dimensions variable.


Bluestar Contemporary Art Museum
February 2014

Motion sensors embedded within the sculpture detect viewers up to three feet away
and activate, launching a puff of compressed air in their direction.